Cal 20 Classics Award Trophy

This trophy was designed and beautifully constructed by Tom Lowdon in 2005 to be presented to the first Cal 20 in newly introduced Classics division of Swiftsure, although never officially dedicated for that purpose.

In view of the small number Cal20’s participating and the uncertainty of finishing we had a rethink of its use to avoid it being hidden away in it’s box in a closet. It is now awarded as a way recognizing a skipper in Fleet 13 for a special act of sailing during the sailing year and presented at the annual RVYC Awards ceremony. The winner is decided at our annual meeting by secret ballot.

Some examples worth considering are:- Swiftsure, Women and Wind Regatta, Cow Bay Regatta, Waives Regatta in Vancouver, A beginner Cal 20 racer, An act of rescue at sea, Family participation.


2005 Ian Cadger Lemon Pie First Cal 20 in Swiftsure Classics race
2006 David Badgley Brother Wind First Cal 20 in Swiftsure Classics race
2007-2009 Not awarded    
2010 Trevor Hayward Final Merry  
2011 Tom Lowdon Kelsib  
2012 Trevor Hayward Final Merry  
2013 Not Awarded    


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