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Cal 20 Mainsheet Article for December 2012 by Scott Roberts

La Galatea

This month we have two good reports of the Cal 20 Long Distance Race that was held on September 30th.
Trevor Hayward’s report: The course was around Trial Island, leaving it to port. Only three boats participated this year – ‘Kelsib’, ‘La Galatea’, and ‘Final Merry’. The wind was light south-westerly throughout, with the end of the ebb to start, changing to a flood around noon. Keeping to the left to start paid off, however both ‘Kelsib’ and ‘Final Merry’ fouled up by not keeping close to the golf links point. ‘La Galatea’, on the other hand, did – and as a result had a healthy lead at the Enterprise buoy. Going through enterprise channel against a flood tide was the usual frustrating and tiresome business with the lead changing a number of times. ‘Kelsib’ got the final lead and held to the finish. ‘Final Merry’ took a gamble and went inside the kelp beds off Trial Island – not to be repeated! The final run home was in a very light following breeze – ‘Kelsib’ leading the way (as usual), followed by ‘Final Merry’ and ‘La Galatea.

Peter Coy’s report: The Cal 20 Fleet had arranged to be started by the Whitehouse Race Cmt. Peter Coy in ‘La Galatea’ was called over early having failed to allow for the ebb current in light airs and he had difficulty in getting back over the start line. The current was due to change around noon so a course around Trial Island would have good if we had had wind to get us through Enterprise Channel before the flood kicked in. Peter was a good way behind Tom Lowdon in ‘Kelsib’ and Trevor Hayward in ‘Final Merry’. They were now fighting a quickly developing flood. However with good advice from his crew Peter had elected to get over to the Golf Club shore where he was able to take advantage of a little SW breeze and a persisting ebbing back eddy. Going through enterprise Channel Peter was well in the lead for a while but he then made a tactical error and left it a little late to tack to go along the western shore of Trial Island. Tom and Trevor were now ahead and after negotiating the meadows of kelp around the Staines point by the light house it was time to fly spinnakers back to the club and keeping an eye out for kelp and shifting and variable breezes. We had been out on the water for 5hours and enjoyed every moment.

More recently, we had five boats out for our usual close racing on the Saturday of the Thermopylae Regatta. After a thorough soaking by the steady rain on Sunday morning the fleet decided to pack it in before any races were started, leaving ‘Artemis’ to sneak away with the honors by one point over Alga-Y.

We are looking forward to our Spinnaker Series and Christmas party on December 8th.


Cal 20 Fleet 13 Annual Regatta 2012

We had a wonderful time at the 37th Annual Regatta. Although we only had five boats participating, all from Victoria, we had Cadboro Bay to ourselves. The varying conditions with breezes from zero to 15 knots swinging from north east to south west and usual rivers in multiple directions provided challenging and entertaining racing.

The Race Committee, once again in charge of Dennis Woodward, kept things running smoothly with zero time wasted between races. Moving around the bay as the wind changed provided new challenges especially as we realised that Dennis was going to get his amusement watching us cope with the very short start lines.

Peter Coy in La Galatea took advantage of the short line in the fourth race when, whilst the rest of the fleet were sorting themselves out at the pin end, he started at the committee boat end at full speed in clear air. He had a spectacular lead rounding the Windward mark . David Bleakney in Bluebird managed, somehow, to overtake him approaching the finish line. After six races the order was Bluebird, Alga-Y, La Galatea, Final Merry and Miss Tickle.

After a great days racing we retired to the Chart Room to rest our weary limbs and brains and make excuses. Twenty of us gathered together around long table for an excellent a la carte dinner.

The second day’s racing was just as spectacular. We had another five races and David Bleakney showed that his second place and five firsts on the first day was not a fluke by getting five more firsts. The final results were David Bleakney with Duncan Stamper, Mark Malleson, Tristan Stamper and Abby Stamper as crew in Bluebird, Peter Vivian in Alga-Y, Trevor Hayward in Last Merry. Peter Coy in La Galatea and Ken Trudgeon in Miss Tickle.

David Bleakney wins the Max Young trophy being first overall and the Stan Howell trophy for being first Fleet 13 boat. Elegant keeper trophies were also provided for the first three boats.

David Bleakney was also awarded the Harry Marshall Sportsman ship award. The Citation reads :-“ David, in the knowledge that the future of Cal 20 sailing rests in growing the interest of Cal 20’s in young people, did, on the first day have Tristan Stamper aged 7 as his fourth crew member and on the second day Abby Stamper aged 10 as fourth crew member.”

A Photo Gallery of the regatta can be found here


Peter Vivian Reports - Cal 20 Swiftsure Inshore classic 2012:

After much discussion within the Cal 20 fleet Trevor Hayward persevered in convincing the race committee to put the Cal 20s in the Flying sail division of the Inshore classic race. Kudos to Trevor for pushing this concept and to the race committee who after some deliberation and much discussion allowed us to compete in this division.

The fleet got off to a bit of a slow start at 11:01 in very light air but in a short time the breeze began to fill in and combined with a fair tide got us to Pedder Bay mark at 13:51. We rounded the mark about .25 mile behind Final Merry and with Bluebird about same behind us. The Spinnaker was set and we settled in to enjoy a most pleasant Spinnaker run back to Cadboro Bay where we finished at 16:38.

We had about 10 knots of Southerly wind which veered to the Southwest as afternoon progressed and by the time we were off Clover Pt we were picking up a huge boost from the flood tide which helped to speed our progress. Conditions were near perfect with warm sun, a steady breeze and clear skies. With a 5 hr 37 minute elapsed time we were well within the 8 hour time limit and certainly made it clear that the correct course had been given to the Cal 20 fleet.

There was one deep sea Freighter which sounded multiple whistle blasts as a warning to all but otherwise things were very much an excellent sail with us making just a slight gain at times to keep the competition watching but not quite enough for us to catch them. All that work Trevor and Duncan did to ensure the bottom was perfectly smooth paid off and Final Merry got a well deserved win both in the Division and overall for the inshore classic. We all got to enjoy an absolutely great day of sailing.

A jovial social session followed the day of racing as we basked in the warm sun savored the barbequed fare and slaked our thirst with cool beverage on the patio in front of the club house.

P.S. - Special thanks to Vern Burkhardt and all the crew who put on this excellent event.


Cal20 Fleet13 Championship Regatta

The entry form for the regatta is here

The fleet would like to record the events of members in this annual blog. Please send any comments observations or articles of fleet events which can be posted here to glenn.wright @shaw.ca

Peter Vivian Reports

I am hopeful that Allen and I will sail Alga-Y in Swiftsure inshore classic. Would still like to get a 3rd crew member if anyone is interested. Best contact is email as I get it no matter where I happen to be.

Joyce, Allen and I sailed Alga-Y in opening day making 3 Cal 20s participating in the sailpast. Alga-Y, Gem and Final Merry all participated and we had a great afternoon enjoying the festive atmosphere on the Bay. We missed seeing more of our members there but I suppose the same could be said about us come Wednesdays as have not made any of them so far.

Although we are not out often it is all the more pleasurable when we do get a chance to enjoy a race.


Thrash Regatta April 21, 22 2012

The Cal 20 fleet had some excellent competitive one-design racing on the THRASH weekend. Saturday brought a nice northerly wind to Oak Bay. The currents kept us all on our toes, causing us to re-assess the course for
every race. The racing was close enough that any boat could have taken 1st in the 5 races. Sunday there was a lack of wind and only one race was finished. After all was said and done the winners were Tom and Steve
Lowdon on Kelsib.

reace competition
Images courtesy of Andrew Madding, Bowshot Productions


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