Cal 20 September 2015

by Peter Coy and Peter Vivian

               The annual  Cow Bay Regatta has been a regular attraction
for Cal 20 Skippers for many years. This year  there were no Cal 20's on the
start  line but there were    Cal 20 sailors participating. The following is
slightly shortened account of  the 2005 running of the regatta from a Cal
20 point of view written by Peter Vivian. Who took the picture . He writes-:

     The Cal 20 fleet was represented by 4 of our finest withTom and Steve
Lowdon on "Kelsib", Fred Poustie and Andrew Harley on "Tack Dancer", Peter
Vivian,  Allen Vivian and Sergey Bolutenko on "Alga-Y" and Lloyd Bacon with
Jim Schutz on "Got T Run" ,  making the trip up from RVYC to enjoy some good
sailing in hot sunshine.  We had a mix of motoring in light airs and sailing
on the way up this time with the grand finaly being the sail from Lands End
to Genoa Bay which put us in a good frame of mind to enjoy yet another
perfect summer weekend.

     Unfortunately we were a boat short for a one design start of our own
so were racing PHRF in Division 6.  This gave us a missmatch of other
vessels to start with, which included a Crown 23 and a good old Cal 25 which
was a close contender.  Unfortunately Tack Dancer had a minor rigging
failure which prudence dictated would be best to drop out of the racing.
This left us with 3 Cal 20s in the event and that is where the hardware
went.  Kelsib got a long sought after and much deserved first, Got T Run
came 2nd in a very close race with Alga-Y who was 3rd.  

    There was some intensity at a few of the Mark roundings with a couple
of 40 footers bearing down on Alga-Y at Musgrave rock, we had inside rights
and were there first, but tis an intimidating sight seeing these boats under
Spinnaker going at hull speed and just praying that they can keep them under
control till you get round the can.  They did and we are still here to talk
about it, but it was a little tight there for a while.  

    As usual the hospitality at Genoa Bay was excellent, Captain Morgan's
B&B put some of us up and served up sumptuous breakfasts that kept us going
all day.  A few of us enjoyed a brisk salty dip in the chuck to cool down
after a hot day of sailing and a bit of time at the Brig pub.  There are a
ton of choices there for eating and refreshment too.

   The trip home was interresting.  We had a brisk wind in the night at
Genoa Bay and left the dock at 0437 hrs to find there was an "Outflow" wind
and thus we enjoyed a downwind "Motor Sail" to Colburne pass and once off
Sidney we shut engines down for a while and just sailed till the wind went
light again.  By Sidney channel buoy we were back to motoring and doing 9
knots as the ebb tide gave us a big push.  (here in lies the reason for
leaving so early)  We picked up the Southwester again off Zero Rk and were
back at RVYC in Cadboro Bay at 0845 with a deeper tan, more good sea stories
and a great feeling of having just enjoyed one of lifes really great

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