Cal 20 July –August 2015

by Peter Coy

In my May Mainsheet article, recounting things from Cal 20’s past , I made a Freudian slip. Doug Lee has pointed out that the Pacific Yachting article was by Peter Chettleburgh.. I had spelt it Chattleburgh.
This time the topic is Cal 20’s in Swiiftsure,. a recent memory for many local sailors. In the September 2006 Racing Journal Shirley Hewett gave an account of the Cal 20 appearance in the 1965 Juan de Fuca Race. Al Haine , Geoff Coleman and Gerry Kidd were associated with the building of the first Canadian Cal20’s by Calgan Marine in North Vancouver and raced their Cal 20 Heather. It was first time that a “factory team” had campaigned its product. Nairne remembers that it blew like crazy The solidly built Coleman had to sit on the transom to keep the bow up “We were planning” recalls Nairne “We had the Spinnaker up and she had a fairly flat stern that she could ride on. We had rooster tail out of stern like you wouldn’t believe, well over the length of the boat”. Coleman remembers the 12 foot seas.” It’s a safe boat he says. You can handle everything from the cock-pit.

Moving forward to Swiftsure 2012. and the Insure Yacht Race with Flying Sails Division Three. Twenty Two miles from the waterfront to Cadboro Bay. Three Cal 20’s participated against six other boats. After five and half hours of racing Trevor Hayward on Final Merry finished first on corrected time. Peter Vivian on Alga –Y was second and David Bleakney on Bluebird was third. Peter Mills, in a C&C 29 called Mephisto, was fourth on corrected time. In real time Mephisto finished 10 minutes ahead of Final Merry. Three minutes separated them in corrected time. The rating system does sometimes work as it should. There will be more about the topic of rating in a fall article in this series of articles about the Cal 20 saga.

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