Meeting Minutes

Victoria Cal 20 Fleet 13
Minutes of Meeting April 8th 2014 7-00 pm.
In the Main Lounge

Present:- Jon Watson (Chair) Peter Coy (Sec), Trevor Hayward, Bob Fuchs, Glenn Wright, Peter Vivian , Ross Benton, David Watts Bell, Tom Lowdon, and Steve Lowdon .

1) Approval of Agenda. The Agenda was approved as circulated,

2) Minutes of Sept 19th 2013 Meeting. These were approved as circulated.

3) Correspondence:- No relevant correspondence

4) Reports:-
Vice Fleet Captain. Bob will be attending the Sailing committee on Thursday April 10th 2014
Minutes will be circulated as they are received.
Measurerer Steve reported that he has not made any new measurements. Peter Coy has
come cross some past Cal 20 weights in our archives which he is sorting. These will be passed on to
Steve to keep in his files.

Sec / Treasurer. Peter Coy reported that with the payment of the $200 year staff gratuities,
$25x2 Societies Act registration last year and this year and $150 fleets due and some interest our current
balance is $2,953. It was agreed that our new check signing officers would be Jon Watson and Glenn Wright joining Peter Coy and Peter Vivian. The appropriate Coast Capital Savings change form has been signed for Peter C to hand in. New signees will going in to the bank to the bank to confirm their signatures to complete the process.

Membership/Publicity. Glenn reported that there have been no new members. Final merry has gone to Sooke and Long Shot to Squim in the Tacoma are. Glenn will be contacting Scott re questions about maintenance of the website and keeping the archives hard drive updated. The Cal 20 April Mainsheet article will be put on the Website.

5) Business arising:
i) Winter ATB Sunday Racing Peter Vivian referred to various e-mails about this season’s Sunday races. General PHRF participation has been very low across the board. Weather is not the only reason. Tom and Steve in Kelsib was the winner of the Dufour Trophy as well as some other RVYC trophies (see next item ).

ii) Trophy and Awards night Held on Nov 23rd.2013. It doesn’t appear that any Cal 20 people
attended. The full list of Cal 20 trophy winners for the 2012 2013 season was circulated prior to this Cal 20 meeting. Tom was congratulated on his achievements.

iii) Harry Marshall Long distance Race Scheduled for September 29th. This was cancelled because of the absence of wind and the steady rain.

iv) Spinnaker Series. Scheduled for Dec 7th 2013.Cancelled because hazardous freezing conditions. It was agreed to keep this date but consider an additional series with spinnakers when the weather is better.

v) Christmas Dinner. Held on Dec 7th 2013. This was held in the Chatham Room. This was excellent and enjoyed by the 22 people attending. It was a great opportunity to socialize. The staff managed the “a la cart” service very well going up and down stairs.
vii Thermopylae Regatta. Held on Oct 5th and 6th 2013. Three Cal’s participated. The order of finish was Final Merry Bluebird and La Galatea.

6) New Business:
i) - RVYC Opening Day To be held on April 25th.2014. Details are to be found in the recent Mainsheet.
ii) Wednesday Night ATB starts on Wed April 23rd. Trying paired Match Racing for Cal20’s was discussed . We decided to leave things to be open to fate. We were encouraged to turn out for the first night since determines whether we get our own start or not .
iii) THRASH Three Cal 20’s participated on April 2th and 13th. First overall being Kelsib. Alga-y second and La Galatea third.
iv) Fleet 13 regatta. This is scheduled for May 31st and June1st. We don’t know how many will be participating. The NOR will be sent out soon.
v) Captain Homes One Design award. We have received a request that the Captain Holmes plate which is awarded currently for the first Cal in the Winter One Design regatta be rededicated for a part of Swiftsure. Since Cal 20’s have not been participating recently and it has not been awarded since 2009, this request has been granted.
vi) Trailer ICBC insurance. We are reminded that since it is not being used recently and to save money it is not currently insured Tom Lowdon will look after ICBC insurance if it is needed and be reimbursed.
vii) 50th Anniversary of Fleet 13 Charter in Feb 2016. One way of celebrating is to produce a page 50 booklet at a cost of around $800 giving an account of Fleet 13 ‘s history and funded from part of our financial residue. Peter Coy will make a start on this using our vast archives and will involve others later as needed.

7) Next Meeting.
No meeting date was set. for the time being, however please communicate with Peter Coy if you have any questions or concerns .

8) Adjournment. The meeting was adjourned at 9.00 pm.

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