RVYC Race Committee Schedule: From 2018-03-22 forward

Schedules by Season: 2016-2017  

For each event, if either the Primary Race Officer or Assistant Race Officer positions are open,
you will see a button labelled "Sign up!". Clicking on it will cause a simple form to open in a new window.

Note: If your browser is set to block all pop-up windows, you will have to allow them for this web site.

You may also email the office. Please provide the event, position, your name, email, and contact phone.

To remove yourself as a Race Officer, call or email the office. Please provide the date and name of the event.

Please read the RTB Series Duty Race Officer guidelines here for a specific list of duties required of this position.

Date Event Primary Race Officer Assistant Race Officer
March   2018
25 William Head Trophy Race John   Edwards
April   2018
8 Lipton Cup
15 Spring ATB 3 Peter   Mills
21 - 22 THRASH Regatta
May   2018
2 Wednesday Night A1
5 - 6 Spring Dinghies
9 Wednesday Night A2 Alex   Fox
16 Wednesday Night A3 Dennis   Woodward Vidas   Stukas
23 Wednesday Night A4 Mike   Turner Judith   Neville
30 Wednesday Night A5
June   2018
6 Wednesday Night B1 AJ   Hesford
13 Wednesday Night B2
16 Summer One Design Dennis   Woodwrd Peter   Mills
16 - 17 2.4mR Championships
20 Wednesday Night B3 Fraser   McMillan
27 Wednesday Night B4 Fraser   McMillan
July   2018
4 Wednesday Night C1 NIGEL   MARTIN
11 Wednesday Night C2 Adrian   King-Harris
14 Women & Wind Regatta Peter   Mills
18 Wednesday Night C3
25 Wednesday Night C4 Rob   Tape
August   2018
1 Wednesday Night D1 Alex   Fox Rob   Tape
8 Wednesday Night D2 Adrian   King-Harris
15 Wednesday Night D3 Brian   Robinson
22 Wednesday Night D4 John   Neilson
29 Floyd Night
September   2018
5 Harvest Moon Series R1 John   Neilson
8 2.4mR Interfleet Regatta Peter   Mills
9 Thermopylae Trophy Race
12 Harvest Moon Series R2 Guy   Nasmyth
19 Harvest Moon Series R3
22 - 23 Fall Dinghy Championship
26 Harvest Moon Series R4 AJ   Hesford
29 - 30 Thermopylae Regatta
October   2018
14 Fall ATB 1
21 Whitehouse Trophy Race
28 Fall ATB 2 Robert   Britten Jose   Grandizo
November   2018
4 Virtue Cup Trophy Race
18 Fall ATB 3 Robert   Britten Jose   Grandizo
25 Fall LD 1 RFC LD   Rep
December   2018
2 Fall ATB 4 Jeremy & Tara   Smith Judith   Neville
9 Fall LD 2 RFC LD   Rep
26 THSA Rum Race